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Miss Rodeo Utah - First Runner Up to Miss Rodeo America, 2012

I first met Becci when I won an auction where she had donated work on a jacket as part of a fundraiser for the Wilderness Circuit Pageant. Becci made me an absolutely gorgeous teal and brown jacket. I used the jacket for interviews and photogenic pictures during the 2011 Miss Rodeo America pageant, as well as for many other events as Miss Rodeo Utah.

Becci loved brain-storming with me on ideas to create a piece of work that's "different". Becci is easy to work with! She wants to make sure the outfit is the best for a girl's personality and goes above and beyond to make sure everything is perfect. I love her style of making clothes unique and fashionable. Becci was also good about calling me with her thoughts if something didn't look right or she felt a change was needed.

In addition, Becci was very gracious to take in several shirts and pants for me. She wants to make sure things fit just right and didn't mind taking the time to do so. I felt bad bringing in quite a few shirts that I wanted to fit better, but she never flinched. She instead replied with, "Bring it on"! I haven't found too many designers who are also willing or like to alter already made clothing because it doesn't allow their creativity to shine, but Becci was a trouper! She made me look beautiful and made me feel good because my clothes fit better.

In preparation for the Miss Rodeo America pageant, Becci even put together a small sewing 'care package' for me, where I was introduced to Velcro dots! She was giving of her time and knowledge in helping me to be the best. She even shared some of her tips and experience.

Thank you Becci for making me feel and look every inch the queen!

Jamie Udell

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